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At Home, Spring Break 2017

cats, naps, heat, cold, spring breakSomedays you just need to run around at about a mile a minute trying to get everything done. Other days you just need to take a deep breathe and take a nap with the cats around you.

This has definitely been a week of not doing very much. It has been a week of resting (naps -oh how I have missed them.), and decluttering. I think I have watched more movies in the last week on DVR than I have in the last two months. I think I have worked on the couch more this week than since summer. It definitely has not been the dream spring break, but it has been a break when I needed it.

The school that I work at has been becoming a Leader in Me school. For those who don’t know it’s teaching the 7 habits of highly effective people to the students. It’s something that I truly believe in. Anyways, this week has definitely been about Sharpening My Saw. Taking time for me to rest and come back and be more me.

Now, I know starting next week the rat race continues. but for today and this weekend I’m going to feel more and more like myself.

Here is a few photos from my super exciting Spring Break!

I froze when our propane went out and it was snowing all day! (What the heck! It’s supposed to be spring break!)  Found some amazing must-buy-soon things at Hobby Lobby & Michaels. 

Colored my hair… Prepping for PURPLE in MAY!! (Stay tuned for that.) Houdini thought my hair smelled funny. 

Did a little cleaning with some cat help, which they are currently being non-motivating currently… Squrriel is on the dog bed and Houdini is on the footstool. Both are sleeping… Saw Beauty and the Beast with a few of my friends opening night! (Amazing! Go see it now!) 

Maybe next year, I’ll do something different… But for now, this is me… 


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