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What Inspires me: Boho

What inspires me? That is actually a horrible hard question. One style that has caught my attention is the “boho” idea. Yeah, I know it’s a super popular style out there right now. However that doesn’t bother me, because this style reminds me of my first love “hippies!” I guess you could call it a upgraded style for me.

I am loving the uniqueness of it all. The randomness that goes together. If you ever met me in person, you will find out quickly that I love a variety of different things –from music styles to movies to clothing. So any style that combines a whole bunch of awesomeness makes me happy! Then add in the greenery! Ah! I love it!

I have an entire board on Pinterest all leaning toward Bohemian — decor, ideas that have that feel and even clothes! I love it. So if you are into this style or this is you, send me a message and let’s talk about doing a shoot! I would love to help capture this amazing style.

Here are some pictures from my board that just make me happy! boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greeneryshelf,boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery mirrors, boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery, wood tier

pictures not taken by me.

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My Gear=Canon

It’s a discussion I hear every day, week, month, year. Canon vs Nikon or something else. Well, for me, my gear has been Canon and probably always will be. It’s honestly not because I hate Nikon or anything else. I actually have never shot with it so yeah.

Walmart. Yup, my first “real” camera came from Walmart. Hate to break it to you, it doesn’t matter where you get it as long as you take it and learn it. I took my senior graduation money and bought my self a Canon Rebel G (film camera). I was so in love with it. I took my best friend’s senior pictures with it. It was so much fun. I fell in love with the idea of taking pictures of people.

Canon, powershot, gear, gear I carry, capture the moment, photography, NikonWhen college came, I bought this amazing little Canon PowerShot, digital. It was smaller than my phone and fit quite conveniently in my pocket. I loved it to pieces. Well in the first year of having it, I dropped it in the sand, the lens stopped working, and there was some other problem with it. Lol, I know with all those problems you would have thought I’dhave given up with Canon. However, it wasn’t like that. When I contacted their customer service people, they were the sweetest people possible. They were very helpful and were able to help me get the warrant on it. I still keep buying that type of camera. They are the best little cameras. I think the one I have now I’ve had since 2008 (?)

So when I went to buy my first digital SLR camera in 2009, I went straight to the Canon camera collection. Their camera was almost the same as my film camera from forever ago. It even took the same lenses. So I guess it was a no-brainer for me. It was the cheaper/more cost affective way to upgrade to digital. Now as I know more about the cameras I’m buying and starting to upgrade. Again I’m sticking with Canon. My lenses fit and I don’t have to buy different ones. (though I’d love to upgrade a few of those)

It’s not that I think one is better than the other. I think it’s about what brand you started with and fell in love with. Whether it was a film camera you had, or your family had. Or you just picked the cheapest option. It doesn’t matter as long as you practice and learn your specific camera!

What do you have? Why?
Let’s start a discussion… Leave a comment or send me a message.
Tell me what you Love and why.
Canon, Canon Logo, powershot, gear, gear I carry, capture the moment, photography, Nikon

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Wedding Booth 2016

I think it was in January when I started really wanting to do a wedding booth. So I sent for information. I wasn’t ready to hear the price when I knew how much I still needed to get together for it. Well, time passed and I started saving for it, collecting a little. Then one day in July, I told my hubby I’m going to do it. January 2017, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do my first wedding booth. That evening on Facebook, one of my friends was commenting on a wedding expo that I hadn’t heard about set for August. I jumped on it. Pricing was a little bewedding, love, whole heart, whole life, yours, in love, wedding expo, dreams, roses, flowers, antiquetter so I signed up… Throwing a booth together in less than one month is kinda hard —trying to decide how to get things there (of course, I wanted to bring my futon) and how to design the booth like me and my business. You also have the fun of trying to keep your cost low.

But somehow it’s started to come together. I found a wood block with the exact colors and appeal I want for my business. So I ran with it. I even found a awesome rug from a yardsale. Luckily there was going to be a “wall” but I wasn’t sure about really anything so I just researched like crazy! I finally found some booth pictures on Pinterest that I loved. So many ideas… I couldn’t wait to figure out how it would all look in the end!

If you’re interested in coming out to see me, it’s the Lebanon Area Bridal Show in Lebanon, Missouri on August 20. Admission is $5 and it’s from 11am-4pm. There are drawings if you pre-register and drawings the day of. There is also going to be a little drawing at my booth as well!


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