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Collaboration | Marie Antoinette

Back in December, one of my Kansas City model friends, Felicity said she was coming to Springfield in January. As Decemember passed on, my new friend Diana, from Diane Lee l Childhood & Lifestyle Portraiture,  had an idea of doing Marie Antoinette and invite some other photographers to join her on the shoot. I’m so happy I jumped on the opportunity! Even though I didn’t know that much about Marie Antoinette, I was super excited about going to the shoot.

For those like me who don’t know who Marie Antoinette is, she was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. Was the victim of a lot of gossip and also called a prostitute at one time.

Anyways… We meet at the Fireside Gallery on Commerical Street. If you have never been there, it is AMAZING!!! Exposed brick, tons of natural light, a barn door — definitely needs for a studio someday!

Felicity made a wonder Marie Antoinette and her boyfriend Zach did a great job stepping in a modeling too!

Models – Felicity and Zach
MUAH – Felicity
Styling – Diane Lee
Dress – The Porcelain Teacup

These images with Zach… AMAZING!!! I’m so glad he got to join us at our shoot in January. 

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Wedding Booth 2016 Design

Once I had decided to do a wedding booth, I needed to come up with a design for it. So I started searching all of Pinterest and every Photography group that I’m apart of. I can tell you right now, most photographers built a WALL for their booth. Like a seriously real wall. After looking at some tutorials and examples, I decided that one it was not me and two there was not enough time anyways.  Sadly the more I looked, the less booth designs I found and very little helpful sources on the subject.

So I created a Secret Pinterest Board for my wedding booth, pinning things that looked interesting to me. I pinned things like succulents, a pegboard photo display, and other random things… One evening while I was staring at it, I realized that the pins were very similar to the ones that drew me when I was planning my own wedding… So I scoured around my house for things and ended up buying a lot less than I was afraid I would have too.
Pegboard: $17 for a 8×8 and a free cut. Hubby added some extra boards on the edges to make it more stable.
Business Cards, Pictures, Pricing sheets: $150
Rug: $15 yard sale purchase
Chalkboard sign: $30
Pegboard stand: $30
Albums: $$$
Tablecloth: leftover from wedding
Lace covering: Tablecloth from someone in the family
Futon: Mine
Coffee table: Mine
Big table: provided
And other miscellaneous items as well as a drawing basket.

In the end, I was super proud of how it looked. Looking at it, I felt comfortable and at home. I didn’t feel like it was too standoffish and too out of people’s price ranges. I was excited how well it came together even just seeing only the pieces.


IMG_9703img_9716 img_9712 img_9711 img_9714 img_9710

They did eventually shut the door, but I don’t remember if I finally got one with the door shut! IMG_9719

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What Inspires me: Boho

What inspires me? That is actually a horrible hard question. One style that has caught my attention is the “boho” idea. Yeah, I know it’s a super popular style out there right now. However that doesn’t bother me, because this style reminds me of my first love “hippies!” I guess you could call it a upgraded style for me.

I am loving the uniqueness of it all. The randomness that goes together. If you ever met me in person, you will find out quickly that I love a variety of different things –from music styles to movies to clothing. So any style that combines a whole bunch of awesomeness makes me happy! Then add in the greenery! Ah! I love it!

I have an entire board on Pinterest all leaning toward Bohemian — decor, ideas that have that feel and even clothes! I love it. So if you are into this style or this is you, send me a message and let’s talk about doing a shoot! I would love to help capture this amazing style.

Here are some pictures from my board that just make me happy! boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greeneryshelf,boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery mirrors, boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery boho, inspires me, inspiration, amazing, awesomeness, decor, salt lamp, beautiful, greenery, wood tier

pictures not taken by me.

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