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November 2016- NaNoWriMo Reflection

fill-your-paperNovember just flew by! I can’t believe it’s already almost December! When your extra time is taking up by writing and thinking about books, it really flies by.

Back in the beginning of the month, I said my goal was not to finish but to do something on my book daily. As you probably have learned sometimes, daily is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you throw in work, holidays, extra shifts,and family. Sometimes daily means trying not to fall asleep as you write a little. (Did that.) Or just reading something other than your book for some extra ideas. (Did that.)  When you carve out time daily for your writing, it seems like everything is against your plan. Things you didn’t think would be an issue become an issue. Timing sees to be so short.

With that being said, I worked on my book for the first 10 days solidly. Then I had a 5 day stretch where I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough in the evening write anything. (My sleep schedule had been thrown off.) It was that moment when I realized how well I was actually doing. As I finished getting the majority of my book done, I hit 24,000 words! I don’t know if you realize this but that is half of 50,000 or nearly!!! And after last years failure at even getting to 20,000! Now, that I’ve hit 24,000 words, I ‘m having to go back a little and find the holes that I skipped last year. While that sounds really easy, I didn’t leave enough space so it’s a really slow process. Being inspired after this month of work, I can’t help hoping that I will be able to continue! So as December rolls closer, I’m planning to try to extend my dreams of daily writing.  Til the next November or next update, Happy Reading!!!

End of November word count


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