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My Experience — Milk Bath Session Pt 1

my experience, contouring, make up, milk bath, boudoir, love, beauty, beautiful, fun, joyful, playingA few weeks ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start looking for a Boudoir session for me. I know, I know I’m a Boudoir photographer and I’ve never done a session for myself. Believe me, every bit of guilty has been hitting me in the last year. I wanted to know what my clients were feeling.  I wanted to know how to relieve that stress that happens… I wanted to know. My body has never been my favorite feature and getting even semi-naked makes me nervous. Even bikinis… especially when you first put them on.

So I think in January, I met a lady (Lola) who had done some milk bath photos and I was instantly like YES, PLEASE!!! It was something I was in love with the idea of. Yes, it’s totally a little odd… I mean laying in a nightgown or dress in a bathtub full of milk that has been watered down, yeah a little odd. But the PICTURES!!! Oh my gosh, I was so in love the idea. (Plus my tummy could be covered by water… I was all for this… chicken, I tell ya!)

Fast forward to the day of my session, I was a bit of a wreck. I had drank water, wore loose clothing, and was still scared. As I got my makeup done by Sabrina, my experience, contouring, make up, milk bath, boudoir, love, beauty, beautiful, fun, joyful, playingI started to relax a little. I was being pampered and got contouring done to my face. Dude, my make up was amazing!!! I wish I could do that stuff… (Anyone willing to teach?)  But the closer it got to time the more nervous I got…But Lola and her makeup artist didn’t make me feel weird or like walking around in a nightgown and heels was weird or abnormal.

Getting into that milk bath was heavenly. (Man, I miss having a tub.) Sitting in an old fashion bath surrounded by flowers was so lovely! As Lola posed me, I felt like this is weird and super awkward. But I trusted her directions because I couldn’t see myself. I couldn’t see what I looked like that… I had to trust my photographer.

When we were finished, Lola showed me some images on the back of her camera. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t look like me. I looked like some hot chick. That night was amazing… but the next day was the harder part… … … …

To Be Continued…



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