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Hidden Inspiration | Ring Shots

Rings shots are actually one of my favorite detail shots to get. They are so small and shiny that sometimes it’s hard to capture. But that’s where you creative side gets to jump in. There are tons of hidden inspiration moments everywhere in your weddings and sessions. You just have to decide what would be the best look. Sometimes you have to try a few to find out what your favorite is. Wedding days you are looking for items that the couple picked out for their wedding day. Meaningful items. I usually can find some time to just be a little creative with the rings. It’s fun to see what I can come up with. So if your photographer asks for your rings, tell them to be super careful and let them take some amazingness!

For this one, there were some fall confetti style items on the table. They just screamed fall wedding to me. So I decided to see what I could come up with… It turned into one of my favorite pictures.

On engagement shoots, it can be a little harder. There is usually not a lot of items that are just the couple. It might be you looking at your surroundings and knowing what the couple likes. If you are shooting outside in the woods, the odds are you can use anything in nature to go along. I have a tendency to incorporate anything around me like twigs, flowers, berries, leaves, etc.  Sometimes couples will bring signs or something else that means something to them. If you want the couple to bring something like that… Ask your couple to bring it.

Here are a few ring shots I got just because I looked around and got creative with what I could find.

Keep your eyes open and your creative ready to fire. Hidden Inspiration is everywhere. Be ready for it!

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