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Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of year again. Today, my friend Twyla is talking about what she thinks about the aspect of Lingerie.

Lingerie. When most people hear this word, they think of sex. Putting something skimpy and lacey on to entice your partner to rip it off of you in the heat of passion. For a long time, I was one of those people. Lingerie is for couples. I am not in a relationship. I have no reason to buy lingerie.

But that way of thinking has changed for me, by a scene from one of my favorite movies. The main character was admiring a beautiful piece of lingerie, and when she was told to buy it, she stated she had no one to wear it for. The next words her friend spoke resonated with me. Wear it for yourself.

Buy the lingerie. Wear it for yourself. The fabric, shape, colors, are all designed to make you feel pretty. You deserve to feel pretty. If you have a partner that makes you feel beautiful, great for you. But you don’t need someone else to tell you you’re beautiful. Put something lacey and flowy on, put your favorite movie in, and wear the lingerie for yourself!

I recently started selling Pure Romance. Yes, I sell those products! Like lingerie, the same general misconception looms: You need a partner to enjoy those products. Wrong. Like lingerie, which we sell some gorgeous pieces, our products are created to help women of every shape and size feel beautiful! So take my advice: don’t buy it for someone else, buy it for yourself!


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