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Looking for Models for 2016 Creatives

It’s a new year and I’m looking for some individuals/couples that would be interested in being a MODEL(s) for me!!!

I know what you are thinking, I’m not model material, well, that is not a problem! I’m looking for awesome amazing people in the Springfield/Republic area to spend some time with me.

As a bonus for you being one of my AWESOME creative people, you will receive 5-7 edited images from your shoot.  I am only going to be doing one shoot per month.  There are some requirements, but that shouldn’t be a problem some for some awesome people!!!


***You need to live in the Springfield/Republic area or at least able to travel to that area for your shoot.
***Be willing to let me use any and all photos from our session for my business.
***Be willing to shoot on a week day evening or weekend.
***Can’t do more than one creative with me.
***These images are for marketing. You will need to sign a model release for your shoot.


Some random ideas for the future

January –Luxe Productions: Dark Romance

February — Boudoir Shoot

March– Stylized Wedding Shoot (need a bride and a groom with outfits)

April — Rainy Shoot (prepared to get wet)

May– ???

June — A theme ( so can’t wait! Anyone know where to rent a FOG Machine?)




IMG_9307 IMG_3551 IMG_8941

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