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When Life Throws You a Curve…

img_0683Well, that couple of weeks flew by in a flash. I guess when life throws you a curve, you keep on keeping on. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Let’s see quick rewind — a wedding, a proposal, Joyce Meyer’s conference, car issues, my brother visiting, no car, St. Louis again, work, editing pictures, engagement shoot, family shoot and more car issues.

It has been fun but dang! The first weekend in October, I nearly cried because my car decided to died (okay not die just not work) at the McDonalds in St. Clair on the way to St. Louis to meet my mom. My evening turned into waiting on the Tow Truck and being picked up my mom. Definitely not what had been in the plans. But we were able to figure out what to do for a few days while they were fixing my car.

img_0689Next day and the Joyce Meyer’s conference, the conference was amazing. Beth Moore was fabulous and talked about how we are on a ? not a ! … And it made me seriously think about my life to this point. Amazing. (You only have one more year til they are moving it out of St Louis to go!) But when I called about my car at two, they didn’t even know it was there and hadn’t started on it. Talk about frustrating!

img_0703 img_0724 img_0730
On Saturday, I finally got some news about my car and the words -“Won’t be ready til Monday.” The shifter cable broke. Yeah, interesting little plastic piece that connects two metal rods… Hmm didn’t see that one breaking ever. Jon drove up late Saturday so he could drive me home. After a short stop at the IKEA in St Louis, we head home to see my brother and prepare for the week… img_0900

All in all, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I finally have my car back and have been running around like normal. But it’s still having some issues… So let’s all cross our fingers for the Bumble!

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