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Always Remember to Date Each Other

One word of advice I’ve always heard and always told couples ‘Always remember to date each other.’  It really hit home one day in March when my mom told me her and my dad stopped at Dairy Queen. She had a smile on her face.

One of my most least favorite fast food restaurants has to be Dairy Queen. (It’s mainly because their ice cream and me don’t get along.) But over the years it has become a symbol to me due to my parents. I think almost every June when their anniversary is I always ask them what they did. Usually they have ended up at Dairy Queen. Being a smart aleck kid, I would ask them why they never really went to a fancy dinner for their anniversary. Mom would smile and said that was where they went on their first date. So every year on their anniversary they find themselves going to Dairy Queen to eat sundaes.

I guess you could say that Dairy Queen is a reminder to me to date your husband. It doesn’t matter if it’s once a week, month or year. But you need to take that time and spend it together. The smallest gestures can sometimes mean so muc. And you never want to take your partner for granted. So no matter how much money you have in the bank, take each other on a date! If you are worried about money, do something creative like a picnic in the backyard or Happy Hour Sonic drinks/shakes.

In our crazy busy world’s sometimes we really just need to remind our partners that we can take time for ourselves. Even if it’s just going for sundae’s at Dairy Queen or if you’re me, Andy’s or Orange Leaf.

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