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10 more Things About Me

10 Thing about me!

Curious about your photographer at Peaces Photography? Well, wait no longer, here are a few things all about me!

  1. I actually don’t have a favorite style of music. I love about everything but rap and talking!
  2. I love Star Wars. (Can’t for the next episode!)
  3. I’d buy books instead of makeup.
  4. The first time I flew in a plane was when I moved to New York City for four months.
  5. While in New York, I worked at a children’s ministry called Metro Ministries.
  6. In any season, I find reasons to wear Flip Flops.
  7. Even though, I love shoes. It is one of my least favorite things to shop for…
  8. Size 11 feet make it hard to find cute shoes that fit or are cute.
  9. Pedicures are a must all year round! (So relaxing!)
  10. I had my first pedicure in 2008 and refuse to stop ever!

Curious about something else? What to know something about me?

This picture is from about two years ago… But it is definitely one of my favorites… Self portraits are not my favorite thing to take but man, are they fun to figure out!

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