Prepping for Your Session

You are going to look GORGEOUS and stop worrying about it! IMG_5220

  • Remembering wear loose clothing the day of the shoot. To reduce the amount of marks on your body. The marks take some time to clear and may waste some of your shooting time. A button up shirt will help keep your hair and makeup undisturbed too. A clear deodorant is also advised to keep clothes free of marks (and also allow you a better range of poses!)
  • Be prepared to have a blast
  • Don’t worry about posing… I got you covered! If you have an idea, we can do it as well.
  • Be inspired. Look up Boudoir images on Pinterest. Practice. Prepare.
  • Drink plenty of water. During your session you will be in many different poses that your body may not be used to and you may actually be sore the day after your shoot so be sure to drink lots of water before and after your session. Morning of your session, have a light breakfast to avoid being bloated.
  • Bring a variety of Clothing, Shoes, Hosiery, Jewelry (we can help pick out your outfit choices when you get here)
  • Don’t forget special items that mean something to you & him. That special pair of handcuffs ;-), or if he likes guns, etc.
  • Other props that you could bring: men’s hats, masquerade mask, men’s ties, fresh flowers/petals, vintage coca cola bottle(s), martini or other adult beverage in appropriate glass, hand fans, pillbox hats, feather boas, big feathers, paper parasols, fruit ,Candy -big lollipops, cotton candy on a stick, licorice, etc.
  • Buy something new he has never seen.
  • Make sure you try on your outfits in full before you get to the shoot and you’re happy with it.  Only bring items that are clean and look (at least) nearly new.  A tired bra, shirt or undies are going to look tired in the picture.
  • Stuck on outfit ideas? Raid his closest! Team jerseys, a dress shirt, tie — possibilities are endless.

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